Spectrometric Film Thickness Measurement System Lambda Ace VM-1020/1030

Support for a wide range of wafer sizes from 50 to 300 mm
Lambda Ace VM-1020/1030


  1. Each unit is composed of a microscope section and spectrometer section, which incorporate an objective lens unit, manual XY stage, electric revolver, objective lens, filter insert section, and light source. A fiber optic input type CCD spectrometer has been adopted, enabling the reflected light from the sample surface to be simultaneously measured across all wavelengths in the visible light range. This provides high-speed, high-precision measurement of film thicknesses.
  2. Windows XP has been adopted as the operating system. This enables simple operation of the software using the mouse.
  3. The system's simultaneous full-wavelength photometry and high-performance CPU provide high-speed computation, with immediate display of film thickness values.
  4. Use of the recipe wizard function greatly simplifies the complicated process of recipe creation. Both the registration and management of recipes have also been significantly improved.
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