Spectrometric Film Thickness Measurement System Lambda Ace VM-1200 Series

Wide range of functions in a compact body
Lambda Ace VM-1200 Series Measurement System


  1. Enables measurements with excellent repeatability thanks to its flat field holographic concave grating and its one-dimensional CCD sensor, which can simultaneously measure over 2,000 sampling points across the full range of wavelengths in the visible light range.
  2. Incorporates Windows NT compatible software to enable an easy operation using a mouse. In addition, a recipe wizard function facilitates recipe creation, edition and management.
  3. Supports a wide range of measurement data processing functions including 3D mapping, film thickness data compensation, histogram displays, and a range of other statistical tools.
  4. Options available for automation, including motorized auto-stage and auto-focus.
  5. Standard setup capable of measuring the thickness and spectral reflectance of 25 kinds of films. A wide variety of measurement programs are available to support measurements for other film types.
  6. Simultaneous multi-layer measurements for up to 4 layers of film.
  7. Capable of performing refractive index measurements (on one layer of a sample with up to 4 layers).
  8. LAN support for easy connections to inter-fab networks. (Optional)
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