Ellipsometric Film Thickness Measurement System RE Series

Provides High Accuracy and Multi Functions at a Low Price
RE Series Ellipsometric Film Thickness Measurement System


  1. The optimum measurement method can be automatically selected by obtaining an approximate film thickness from the optical profile made through spectrometric measurement. This allows even non-specialized staff to easily perform highly reliable measurements.
  2. The ellipsometer is not affected by warping or bending of wafers, enabling highly accurate measurements.
  3. The single-wavelength ellipsometer enables a superior repeatability of 3σ = 0.006 nm (SiO2 on Si, t = 5 nm), even with ultra-thin films.
  4. Our unique, newly adopted coordinate correlation algorithm enables an excellent image recognition rate, significantly enhancing alignment reliability.
  5. A long-life laser diode is utilized as the light source of the single-wavelength ellipsometer, reducing the running cost.
  6. Spot diameter of ellipsometer: Realized φ25μm. It is capable of measuring TEG patterns of □40μm in size, enabling reduction of dummy wafers.
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