SR-2000 Polymer Remover

Polymer Remover SR-2000


  1. This model offers versatile specifications to support a wide range of chemicals, enabling efficient removal of polymers that remain after various etching processes, from aluminum wiring to Cu/ low-k wiring processes. In addition to chemical cleaning, it is capable of changing rinse dispense conditions and using physical cleaning to achieve dramatically improved polymer removal performance in comparison to conventional batch cleaning that relied solely on chemicals. Metal corrosion and damage from oxide etching and low-k materials is also suppressed.
  2. Spin processing provides a speedy switch from chemical cleaning to DI water rinsing, and eliminates any need for an intermediate rinse, which is indispensable in conventional batch processing. Moreover, this elimination of chemical carryover results in a higher degree of cleanliness.
  3. A maximum of four chambers can be used with a single chemical for mass production, or two pairs of chemicals can be used in two pairs of chambers for smaller-lot production, matching the needs and purposes of the user. (For other specifications consult our sales section.)
  4. The polymer remover circulation system effectively reduces chemical use. Metal-free materials are used for parts that come in contact with chemicals and DI water, so there is no risk of metal contamination.
  5. Optional features include the D-Sonic, which uses megahertz ultrasonic DI water, and Nanospray/Softspray fluid nozzles.
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