Scrubber SS-3200

SS-3200 Wafer Scrubber


High Throughput

The development of a new wafer transport mechanism and a proprietary algorithm improves throughput by around two times compared to the conventional SS-3100. This delivers high throughput of up to 800 wafers per hour.

Same Processing Capacity as the Highly Reliable and Stable SS-3100

The SS-3200 inherits the same processing chambers as the SS-3100, a system already widely adopted in the world market. This allows processing to be performed without any change using the SS-3200. In addition, consumable parts can be shared with the conventional system, reducing any associated installation load for the customer.

Space-saving Design

As with the SS-3100, the SS-3200 is equipped with up to 8 processing chamber units. High throughput can be attained without increasing the number of processing chamber units, providing a very similar footprint to the conventional system.

Installation of the Latest Cleaning Tools Achieves High Cleaning Capacity

The SS-3200 can be equipped with the outstanding cleaning tools developed for conventional systems. This includes the Nanospray Ǻ spray cleaning system, which provides damageless cleaning of fine patterns.
These tools contribute significantly to the improvement of yield rates for next-generation semiconductor devices.

Improved Cleaning Supporting Next-generation Processes

The SS-3200's cleaning level is improved by the selection of components specially designed for miniaturization and a new production method including comprehensive particle handling measures. This supports the increasingly strict cleaning requirements for next-generation cleaning processes.
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