Single Wafer Cleaner SU-3100

SU-3100 Single Wafter Cleaning System


A Wide Range of Processing from FEOL to BEOL

Due to the continued miniaturization of devices and increased complexity of processing, it is critical to ensure optimized, stable conditions during every cleaning process. Some critical factors, such as temperature variations, chemical solution concentrations, and chemical supply timing, can have a profound effect on particle removal performance and the cleanliness of the wafer's surface. To ensure that the SU-3100 offers optimal processing capability under the most difficult of processing conditions, Dainippon Screen has developed two types of chambers.
  • LMP (Lite Multi-Process)
  • Specification
  • HMP (Hybrid Multi-Process)
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High Precision Bevel Etching Technology

As semiconductor devices continue to use ever finer circuitry, new metal materials have come to be used in insulation film and electrodes, and this has given rise to issues involving the effects of these materials on yield, as a result of scattering and adhesion on the wafer surface. The newly developed BEC technology increases the accuracy of wafer positioning and nozzle movement to control etching in units of 0.1 mm within a range of 1 to 3 mm from the wafer edge. This enables highly accurate etching processes at the wafer bevel, which contributes to increased productivity and yield per wafer.

DDI System

A DDI (Dynamic Direct Injection) mixing system has been developed that enables highly accurate flow rate control. Using a technique that causes the chemical solution to react immediately before processing, highly efficient and reduced chemical use is achieved. It has also become possible to improve the stability of the chemical itself. Also, because the reactive chemical can be kept in a continually highly stable state, optimal conditions for the etching rate, uniformity, and cleaning effect can be obtained.
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