Spin Processor MP-2000

MP-2000 Spin Processor Single-Chamber Cleaning System


  1. Single chamber processing
    A new cup design enables a series of processes, including chemical cleaning, DI water rinsing and wafer drying, to be performed within a single chamber. The MP-2000 thus eliminates the risk of wafer contamination from atmospheres while increasing productivity.

  2. Enhanced process performance
    Optimized airflow inside the chamber effectively prevents mists from adhering to wafer surfaces. In addition, N2 purging from both sides of a wafer enables smooth local atmosphere replacement, resulting in greatly reduced drying time and increased processing capacity.

  3. Reduced energy and material use
    A new chemical supply and collection system together with an optimized chemical dispensing mechanism greatly reduce chemical and DI water use. In addition, strict airflow control inside the chamber and cup prevents mist and vapor turbulence, while a newly designed exhaust system eliminates the escape of chemical atmospheres, reducing the total exhaust.
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