Wet Station WS-820L / 620C


  1. Two transfer types
  2. Choose either the WS-620C with carrier transfer processing, or the WS-820L with carrierless transfer processing.

  3. Flexible design
  4. Systems can be configured freely, depending on the application. Processing bath configurations can incorporate up to 13 baths.

  5. High throughput
  6. Multiple baths can be installed and up to six transfer robots can be mounted to ensure high throughput.

  7. High quality processing
  8. Optimized processing bath design, strict chemical management, and clean drying units contribute to stable, high-quality processing.

  9. Extensive lineup of peripheral devices
  10. A wide range of peripheral devices are available, including wafer transfer units and cassette stockers.

  11. Prevention of water marks
  12. A low-pressure drying unit can be mounted to reduce water marks and ensure clean drying. (Available only for WS-820L)
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